Planet Day of Service

Group Bands Together to Plant Trees Saturday, July 25, 2009 KTVB NAMPA, Idaho -- Saturday, a large group of volunteers planted trees at Nampa Christian High School. "It’s all part of service project...
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Evap Schedule

Our Evapo-Transpiration program can cut your summer water bill by 30%! This system is a proprietary software program designed by Blue Ribbon, and we run it for each client to determine optimal...
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Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal services for the Treasure Valley for all sized jobs. Each winter we provide reliability, safety, and peace of mind for many businesses, and we'd be pleased to add your...
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Overwatering Your Lawn

Overwatering can damage your lawn. Grass plants that aren't allowed to dry out... Lawns do require a lot of water, relative to your overall household water usage. And you should water deeply, once...
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Overwatering Your Lawn

If you had to choose between aerating and applying fertilizer... Actually, both!  But sometimes to make our point on how important aeration is, we'll say "If we had to choose between one mechanical...
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Tree Planting Depth & Tree Girdling

Planting trees improperly results in their slow, agonizing death... One of our favorite parts of landscaping is planting trees. From helping people choose species, quantity, and location, to...
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Soil Food Web

Not all organisms and insects in your yard are bad... That's because your landscape, turf, and soil are actually a complex ecosystem: a series of nutrient and energy pathways created by numerous...
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Choosing a Landscape Contractor

For most homeowners, their home is their primary financial investment, so choosing a Landscape Contractor can be a big decision.
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Care & Maintenance Schedule

We follow a general lawn care and landscape maintenance schedule, as outlined below. Each property is unique, and your individualized schedule may have variations.
Timing Activity
by Mar 15 Spring Pruning and Clean Up
by Mar 30 Dormant Oil
by Apr 15 Initial Mowing, Dethatching, or Aeration
by Apr 15 Activate Water (set to water 3 x per wk)
by Apr 25 Fertilizer and Annual Grass Pre-emergent
by May 1 Systemic Insecticide for trees and shrubs
by May 15 Plant Summer Annuals and Garden
by Jun 1 Fertilizer and Systemic Insecticide for turf
by Jun 1 Adjust Water (set to water up to 4 x per wk)
by Jun 15 Mid-Summer Clean Up
– Prune woody, spring-flowering specimens
– Sheer any plants that need it
– Deadhead bulbs / Spring annuals
by Aug 15 Fertilizer for turf
by Sep 1 Adjust Water (set to water 3 x per wk)
by Oct 1 Winterizer for turf (alternate time for aeration)
by Oct 30 Sprinkler Blowout
by Nov 15 Fertilizer for trees
by Nov 15 Fall Clean Up
by Nov 30 Optional Sulfur Application for turf


When is the best time to prune my Roses?
For our area, around the first part of April.  Pruning earlier than this will induce too much growth that will not be cold hardy for the freezing night time temperatures.  I know it is hard but those of us with spring fever will have to be patient.

Trusted Service Partners

The following companies have proven themselves in the areas of quality, integrity, and customer service. We trust these companies and individuals, and often rely on their expertise:
Treasure Valley Remodel & Restoration
Services: Home Remodel and Building
Owner: Michael Kuhn
Phone: (208) 573-5343
Services: Large Scale Tree Removal and Pruning
Owner: Ted Smith
Phone: (208) 461-0055
First Choice Curbing
Service: Landscape Curbing
Owner: Bryn Cambell
Phone: (208) 272-1346
Impact Imports
Services: Import Garden Products/Decor
Owner: Drew McDaniel
Phone: (208) 368-0300
RC Grading & Excavation:
:Services: Grading and Excavation
Owner: Ryan Chaney
Phone: (208) 919-3274
Home & Turf Spray Services
Services: Interior Pest Control / Termites
Owner: Bruce Donnell
Phone: (208) 467-2177
Gem Gunite Pools
Services: Underground Pools/Spas
Owner: Joe Tietsort
Phone: (208) 467-9576
Waltman Concrete
Services: Concrete and Flatwork
Owner: Darwin Waltman
Phone: (208) 371-4543
MGM Association Management
Services: Home Owner Association Management
Owner: Michael Madson
Phone: (208) 846-9189

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