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Integrated Pest Management Program

Agri-Science has come up with a unique system that predicts when certain things will happen in the agricultural world.  This form of technology is called “Growing Degree Day”, and by it, we can guess almost to the day based on cumulative temperatures and history, when a specific insect or pest will surface.  In our fluctuating climate condition, this information is invaluable to help us monitor and manage hatches and outbreaks that affect communities of trees that we help manage. So whether we are trying to manage Coddling Moth on your home orchard, or massive outbreak of heartwood borer throughout your municipality or community, we know exactly when to make the application. Growing Degree Days | GreenCast | Syngenta


Our HOAs and Residential clients appreciate our approach when it comes to their tree care.  This system is called Integrated Pest Management or (IPM).  This is fancy industry Jargon for trying multiple options before just blasting pesticides all over the place.  Property manager also love our system through the International Society of Arboriculture appraisal process, we call out tree values, we itemize the cost to treat, and we prioritize the highest need based on your budget.  This system typically saves our commercial clients thousands of dollars when it come time to manage multiple pest on large sites.

At Blue Ribbon, this is our soap box! We are proud that as a company we work diligently to make trees better, stronger, and healthier.  Trees have answers to many of the issues plaguing our society.  Healthy green space, healthy storm water, positive carbon offsets, can all be tied back to trees and their positive impact in the urban environment.  We are happy to work with you on proactively managing your trees well, for the benefit of us all!

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