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Planter Bed Maintenance

Is there anything more annoying than weeds and dandelions that pop up all over in your garden space?  At, Blue Ribbon our Certified Spray Technicians stand behind the main objective of strategically controlling these nuisances, without harming your trees or flowers, and once sprays have dried they are safe for your children or pets

Blue Ribbon recommends a Pre-Emergent spray in the Early Spring for your homes landscape beds, this helps to keep the weeds under control throughout the season.  This liquid application is safe for all plants.  In addition to the Pre-Emergent we also offer spot spraying, throughout the year for the perennial weeds that always seem to pop up in your beds and tree rings.  Along with weed control, we offer a season long non-leaching fertilizer program tailored to our area so your planters and gardens can be weed free and healthy all year long.


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