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About Project: Pflueger

A complete backyard renovation in Nampa, featuring a pondless/disappearing water feature, fencing, large-specimen trees to help with street noise reduction, beautiful natural stone hardscapes, and functional garden/planter boxes.

We created a backyard oasis and helped meet the home-owners’ goals of incorporating various faith symbols within their new landscaping.

  • We began with basically a clean slate, since the home-owners had the majority of the lot cleared beforehand.
  • The original back patio was the typical uninspiring developer-installed 4×8 cement block (fortunately we were allowed to remove this entirely).
  • Starting work on the hardscape wall. We excavated the hill in the back and brought in fill dirt to provide elevation. The cedar fencing along the east and west perimeter is completed.
  • Work begins on the pondless water feature – we dug out the enclosure, then installed heavy-duty weed cloth, followed by 45-mil rubberized liner.
  • Pre-positioning of the larger rocks and boulders — an artistic eye is used with the selected stone varieties to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  • Heavy equipment is brought in to handle strategic placement of the larger boulders (that one is about 3/4 ton).
  • Completion of the new permeable paver patio, consisting of country cobble pavers. We combined various earth tones for an appealing look.
  • The water feature almost complete. Cobblestones were shipped in from Oregon that are more similar in color to our natvie gray basalt than the tan & brown available locally.
  • Large red flagstone is set in place to be used as walkway/access to the new raised garden beds. Cedar fencing, in the distance, is beautifully stained and sealed.
  • New sod is installed throughout. And here’s another glimpse of the new Fern Leaf Buckthorn shrubs.
  • Interlocking keystone wall with color-verigated Country Manor blocks. Space is left for a Phase II six-sided gazeebo (note open area at base of stairs). The Arborvita (left) will help block noise from the adjacent roadway.
  • Three ornamental fruit trees are installed, and a grape arbor is built to meet the owners’ desire to grow a grape vine. Sun-loving flora are planted at base of the wall.
  • The water feature is completed, including spiritually-symbolic plantings of 7 Japanese Bloodgrass plants, a Blue Atlas Cedar, and a Dogwood tree (Christ’s cross was believed to be of Dogwood).
  • The new raised planter/garden boxes are completed, along with easy-access irrigation to each.
  • A full sprinkler system install was also included in this project, as well as a custom roof-shed water drainage plan that moves rain water away from the home’s foundation and nearby landscaping, and into specially-installed drainage areas.
  • We ended this landscape transformation with pride in its final appearance, and that we helped the Pflueger’s achieve their goals.


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