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Tree Planting Depth & Tree Girdling

Planting trees improperly results in their slow, agonizing death…

One of our favorite parts of landscaping is planting trees. From helping people choose species, quantity, and location, to planting them properly in the soil and watching them spring to life in their new habitat.

So it’s disheartening when we see (and have to remove) trees that are dead or dying due to improper planting techniques.  Two common mistakes include improper planting depth and tree girdling.

Tree Planting Depth

Here (right photo) is what happens when trees are planted too deep: a slow agonizing death. We recently removed this unfortunate tree planting specimen from a Boise home.

The image below depicts the proper methods and depth at which to plant a tree.


Tree Girdling

Tree girdling occurs when roots or something (twine or rope) is wrapped tightly around the trunk, choking the flow of water and nutrients.

The photo below shows a relatively mature <specimen?> we recently removed. Unfortunately, it was dying and had no further capacity to grow because of the constricting rope around its base.

When a tree is first planted, any burlap or twine around the root ball must be removed. And if stakes, twine, or other methods are used to secure a young tree, they must be be set up the correct way. The image above showing correct tree planting also depicts the correct way to stake and secure a tree (if needed), in such a way that will not inhibit growth or kill the tree later in life.

When you choose Blue Ribbon, a licensed Idaho Landscape Contractor, our trained and licensed technicians will follow proper tree planting techniques to make sure your trees are beautiful and healthy, and that your landscape investment is secure.


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