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Soil Food Web

Not all organisms and insects in your yard are bad…

That’s because your landscape, turf, and soil are actually a complex ecosystem: a series of nutrient and energy pathways created by numerous cyclical predator-prey and symbiotic relationships.

Depicted below, all of these interactive food chains create a food web within the soil that is critical in maintaining a well-balanced and healthy landscape.


Understanding the soil-food-web allows our technicians to solve problems and answer questions related to your landscape, such as:

  • When should I fertilize and aerate?
  • What is causing yellow spots in my grass?
  • What type of grass seed should I use in shaded areas?

… and more.

Failure to fully understand the soil-food-web sometimes causes people to fix symptoms rather than causes, which means problems just resurface later on.

Knowing what’s going on in the soil also allows Blue Ribbon to apply an Integrated Pest Management approach, that combines the benefits of chemical, mechanical, and biological solutions to achieving and maintaining your healthy, well-balanced landscape.

At Blue Ribbon, our experienced and licensed Arborists and Landscape Technicians (view licenses) understand the interactions between the plant and animal species living on and under the soil.  We help to educate our customers on the issues affecting their lawns and landscapes, and make sure proactive and reactive measures are taken to maintain the important balance within the soil-food-web.



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